Brute Strength

Brute strength and beauty are no longer at odds after the introduction of Fabcon's VersaCore panels.

Cold Weather Construction

Cold weather doesn't have an effect on construction with precast concrete products.

Energy Efficiency of Precast Concrete

Reduce commercial building lifecycle costs by planning energy efficiency into your design with Fabcon's precast concrete solutions.

Fabcon Preserves Wetlands

Fabcon has built an innovative storm water management system on its Minnesota manufacturing site to help protect a nearby wildlife preserve.

Flexibility of Precast

Opening doors and windows for greater precast performance: New precast wall systems technology enhances designability, energy efficiency, and cost savings.

Green Construction and Cost Savings

Save "green" with green construction using Fabcon's VersaCore+Green precast concrete wall panels.

Life Safety Benefits of Precast

Precast concrete protects against fire, mold, seismic forces, inclement weather and explosions.

Precast for Houses of Worship

Precast concrete helps create vibrant, affordable worship spaces.

R-Value and Revenue

Make energy efficiency part of planning process and reduce lifecycle costs

Realities of Precast Concrete Panel Design

Different panel structures have distinct advantages and disadvantages, which is a factor that buyers should consider when selecting precast concrete. To make the right choice, it’s crucial to understand the benefits of precast and the fundamental differences between the two types of panel designs.

Rising Cost of Energy

Precast concrete wall system science can help beat commercial building owners’ rising cost of energy.

Structural Integrity of Precast

Is it necessary to compromise aesthetics, costs or design flexibility in return for structural integrity? With today’s precast concrete technology, the answer is no.

Sustainable Building Design

Thanks to a wealth of new sustainable building materials, your next construction project can put money back in your pocket through rebates and energy savings.

The Fabcon Legacy

One of the original companies to brand a prestressed hollow core wall panel, Fabcon was founded as a closely held corporation in 1971 by Gerry Rauenhorst, a commercial building contractor.

Two-Sided Panels

Precast technology creates high quality, two-sided molded panels. Product helps meet growing demand in residential, municipal and transportation markets.
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