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8th Edition of PCI Design Handbook Released

The Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute (PCI) has released the eighth edition of the PCI Design Handbook: Precast and Prestressed Concrete. The handbook is available for purchase online at The new edition provides the designer with comprehensive and efficient procedures for the safe design of both architectural and structural precast and prestressed concrete products. Based on the latest Read More

Feature Brief: We Mean High Performance

While precast offers a multitude of advantages, nothing is more important to FABCON than safety, durability and sustainability.   In the feature brief titled ‘We Mean High Performance’, we take a closer look at the performance benefits that precast offers; including a versatile design process, minimal maintenance and superior functionality.

Feature Brief: Winter Construction Risks

From time delays to product quality and safety, winter weather poses several potential obstacles for building contractors and their projects.  Precast wall panels are built in controlled environments, allowing for better quality and stability.  See how FABCON has addressed cold weather challenges and why Precast is a safe concrete option for winter construction.

Feature Brief: Surprise – That’s Precast

From grocery stores to schools, arenas, breweries and everything in between, you may be surprised by the number of buildings you visit each day that are constructed with precast. Businesses and organizations of all sizes choose precast every day because of how customizable and cost-effective it can be – especially in short timetables. In this Read More

Feature Brief: Building to Accommodate Growth Spurts

Today, many companies are faced with expansion or production changes that require building modifications to be made.  In the feature brief titled Building to Accommodate Growth Spurts, we explore how precast allows for flexible reconfiguration in a timely manner without disrupting the entire structure. growth_spurts

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