Our Culture

Our commitment to innovation, quality and safety is reflected in everything we do. Diversity, respect, trust and personal responsibility are all critical components to our success.  Working at Fabcon is a team endeavor, where people are dedicated, energetic with a natural drive for this challenging work environment.

What Our Employees Say….

“I enjoy working with an innovative team of professionals who are focused on producing and erecting a quality product to meet or exceed our customers’ expectations.”   – Jake F., Project Manager


“I like the engineering work we do.  Even after many years here, I still find new challenges with what we do.  We are continuing to change, and it never gets old or boring.  More than the actual work we do, the people I work with is what keeps me here.  There are a lot of good people, both professionally and personally.  They are fun to be around.  They all take the work seriously, but find a way to enjoy it, too.  You can count on them to help if needed.”    – Bob J., Senior Design Engineer


“I enjoy my days at Fabcon because I’m given the responsibility and authority to help make a difference and improve our processes and products at our facility.  I’m given the latitude to make decisions and determine how best I can deploy resources to ensure that we are getting the job at hand completed in an effective and efficient manner.  We also strive to have fun while working.  There is serious time, but also fun time.”     – Ralph S., MN Quality Manager


Active in Our Communities

FABCON encourage employees to become active and volunteer with many community organizations.  In 2015, our employees contributed their time and efforts to nearly 50 non-profit associations.


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