Fabcon Career Spotlights

Linda Whitmore

Director of Quality Systems

Linda Whitmore couldn’t have guessed when she started as an administrative assistant 15 years ago that she would elevate to a Director role. She says she’s not the only one to be afforded opportunities at FABCON.

“People who like a fast-paced environment do well here and they’re rewarded with new challenges,” says Whitmore.

Tyson Intile

Business Development Senior Project Lead

As a project manager, Tyson Intile loves that he gets to see an entire project from inception to completion.

“It’s extremely gratifying and I’m never bored,” says Intile. “There are so many things that go into our projects that sometimes it’s hard to wrap your arms around it but working with clients and internal staff to get everything done is fun for me.”

Career Spotlight: Tom Kuckhahn

President & CEO

Advancing the overall mission at three plants in three different states is a big job. Luckily Tom Kuckhahn, Vice President of Manufacturing and Engineering, has a solid team around him to help FABCON stay successful.

“These are hard working people who don’t want to disappoint each other,” says Kuckhahn. “That makes for a really solid team.”

Sara Corwin

IT Project Manager

If there’s one thing most FABCON employees love, it’s the exposure they get to every other facet of the business, and the opportunity to grow.

That’s a highlight for IT project manager Sara Corwin. A FABCON employee for more than 12 years, Corwin likes how much she has learned about the pre-cast concrete world that doesn’t pertain directly to her role.

Ryan McHale

Estimating Manager

Working for a roofing construction company right out of school taught Ryan McHale a lot about the industry and about himself.

“I was looking for something bigger and wanted to grow and learn more,” says McHale.

Rick Kellar

Manager of Field Operations

Rick Kellar believes that hard work is rewarded at FABCON and that’s one of the things that has kept him here for so long. He started as a field laborer 26 years ago and worked his way up to a Manager of Field Operations. Kellar says there is opportunity for anyone willing to put in the time.

“If you’re driven enough, you can achieve whatever you want,” Kellar says.

Morgan Denton

Manager of Drafting Services

When Morgan Denton interviews candidates at FABCON, he tells them about his own personal experience working there.

“I started at FABCON with the intent of staying here for a couple of years,” says Denton. “I thought it would be something that would look good on my resume. I didn’t think a concrete company would meet what I was looking for in a career, but quickly realized I was wrong.”

Matt Hagen

Manager of Post Production logistics

With less than a month under his belt at his new job, Matt Hagen has his hands full taking on new responsibilities. But he’ll tell you that in his 4 years at FABCON, he’s seen great opportunity.

“It’s been a great thing for my career,” says Hagen. “They really focus on development here. The opportunity came up and I was able to slide right into this new role.”

Jose Perez

Sales Engineer

Jose Perez will tell you that being a sales engineer is great profession because every day is different. He likes getting out to visit his clients for the different projects he works on and likes that it’s never boring.

“Prior to sales, I was a draftsman for 15 years,” explains Perez. “Not being tied to a desk every day is nice.”

Jim Erickson

Contract Administrator

Jim Erickson likes the fast pace at FABCON but he knows enough to set realistic expectations every day.

“You might come to work with maybe 3-4 things you want to accomplish that day and if you can get to them in the midst of responding from other projects in play, you’re having a good day,” laughs Erickson.

Jason Hensley

Corporate Manager of R&D

If you think there isn’t innovation happening at a pre-cast concrete wall panel company, you’re wrong. Just ask Research and Development Manager, Jason Hensley.

“This place is crazy fast-paced and it’s very innovative,” says Hensley. “We’re always looking for a better way.”

Fred Wilson, PE

Manager of Design Services

Fred Wilson never would have guessed when he graduated college and started working at FABCON that he’d be here 17 years later.

“The people that I work with have kept me coming back,” says Wilson. “I see and work with a lot of different people here every day and we all try our best for each other. It’s like an extended family.”

Ernie Wargo

Plant Manager

Plant Manager Ernie Wargo compares his days at FABCON to snowflakes: “No two are alike!”

“It’s kind of like facing a pitcher for the first time,” says Wargo. “You never quite know what’s coming at you, but that’s what makes it fun.”

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