Tyson Intile

Business Development Senior Project Lead

FABCON employee for 9 years

As a project manager, Tyson Intile loves that he gets to see an entire project from inception to completion.

“It’s extremely gratifying and I’m never bored,” says Intile. “There are so many things that go into our projects that sometimes it’s hard to wrap your arms around it but working with clients and internal staff to get everything done is fun for me.”

He almost worked in an entirely different career. Bound for school as an English major, Intile chose to help a friend start a construction business where he learned the ropes. He came to FABCON looking for more stability and longevity.

We asked Intile a few questions about his job and what he likes best about FABCON. Here’s what he told us:

My daily duties:“Most of what I do is encourage others to get their tasks done to help advance the work. I clear a path for other departments to complete their work so we can get projects done for our customers.”

Best part of working at FABCON:

“I like interacting with people and I get to do that a lot internally and externally. I love that I get exposed to all of these different things we do in a peripheral way, which is always very interesting.”

What I appreciate most about FABCON:

“You hear other companies talk about their open door policy but we truly have one here. Our leadership is very accessible. I’m very comfortable picking up the phone to call the officers – or anyone that I work with. Everyone answers the phone to see how they can help.”

Why I would encourage others to work at FABCON

“There is a world of opportunity here because we do so much. You can make your career here and many people have. There’s not a lot of turnover so we have many tenured employees. It’s appealing because I get to work with people who are really good at their jobs. For new employees, it’s nice to learn from the experts.”

Intile says the culture at FABCON is uniquely positive which keeps him and others coming back day after day, year after year.

When he’s not working, Intile spends time with his wife and three young children. He and his wife also enjoy growing food in their garden and buying and selling mid-century furniture for their vintage online site.

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