Ryan McHale

Estimating Manager

FABCON employee for 10 years

Working for a roofing construction company right out of school taught Ryan McHale a lot about the industry and about himself.

“I was looking for something bigger and wanted to grow and learn more,” says McHale.

Always drawn to the construction industry, he focused on the architectural side of the business and now, as Manager of Estimating, gets the daily challenges and growth he always craved.

We asked McHale a few questions about his job and what he likes about FABCON. Here’s what he told us.

My daily duties:“We review the plans and specs that define the project. We take those and associate costs relative to our scope of work. I oversee our operations and maintain a lot of tracking and reporting records. I also review and maintain our procedures and best practices to facilitate ongoing improvement projects.” Best part of working at FABCON:“There is an emphasis on continual improvement and growth. The economy doesn’t always cooperate but when it is time to grow, we focus hard on that and I like that aspect. I also think that the leadership here is very professional and supportive. They do a great job working to ensure that the talent here is rewarded.” What I appreciate most about FABCON:

“The opportunities. I did some research as I was transitioning and FABCON stood out for a lot of different reasons. The opportunity to grow in this environment has been tremendous and I’ve done things I never would have imagined.”

Why I would encourage others to work at FABCON

“I think the improvement and innovation here are truly viewed as guiding principles. It’s a great place for individuals who share those values.”

When he’s not at work, McHale spends time with his wife and 3 kids.

“They’re busy so I’m busy,” he says.

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