Rick Kellar

Manager of Field Operations

FABCON employee for 26 years

Rick Kellar believes that hard work is rewarded at FABCON and that’s one of the things that has kept him here for so long. He started as a field laborer 26 years ago and worked his way up to a Manager of Field Operations. Kellar says there is opportunity for anyone willing to put in the time.

“If you’re driven enough, you can achieve whatever you want,” Kellar says.

He says the best part of his job is the variety and challenges he faces each day. We asked Kellar a few questions about his job and what he likes best about FABCON. Here’s what he told us:

My daily duties:“I oversee all field operations resources – from superintendents to crews to equipment. I also help estimate project bids to get new projects in the door.”

Best part of working at FABCON:

I like the variety and challenges I face each day. Problem solving is fun for me.”

What I appreciate most about FABCON:

“There is opportunity to succeed and grow at FABCON. I have always felt supported, both from leadership and from internal teams. I can talk to anyone – even management – openly. If I need to bring up an issue, they’ll listen.”

Why I would encourage others to work at FABCON

“FABCON is a company of ingenuity. They’re the leaders in precast and set the bar very high. If you’re looking to grow with a company, it’s a great place to work.”

When not at work, Kellar can be found spending time at the cabin with his family doing any of the following: fishing, hunting, golfing or hiking.

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