Matt Hagen

Manager of Post Production logistics

FABCON employee for 4 years

With less than a month under his belt at his new job, Matt Hagen has his hands full taking on new responsibilities. But he’ll tell you that in his 4 years at FABCON, he’s seen great opportunity.

“It’s been a great thing for my career,” says Hagen. “They really focus on development here. The opportunity came up and I was able to slide right into this new role.”

Previously, he was a business analyst at FABCON so there were many aspects of the job he already knew.

“I’m still getting acquainted but I’m getting great support,” says Hagen. “I’m impressed with how excited everyone has been about teaching me what I need to know.”

We asked Hagen a few questions about his job and what he likes about FABCON. Here’s what he told us:

My daily duties:“I help manage the products from the plant until they get to the field. The yard operations fall under my role so I help maintain and handle third party logistics, the day to day operations of our shipping, overlooking the panels in the yard, patching, washing and anything else needed.”

Best part of working at FABCON:

“I like the support from management on down. I’ve enjoyed the opportunities to go outside of my position. Working as an analyst I did more than an analyst would do which helped me transition into my new role.”

What I appreciate most about FABCON:

“The culture. I’ve been able to develop great working relationships with top management all the way down. It’s an open atmosphere and a pleasure to go to work every day because it’s a great working environment. You can tolerate a lot of other junk when you work with great people.”

Why I would encourage others to work at FABCON

“The atmosphere, the culture and the people are great. There’s also the ability to get promoted from within. I think those opportunities exist with any position.”

With 4 kids, Hagen spends his spare time with his family, riding bikes and playing basketball. In addition to raising 4 children, his wife works as a family photographer out of their home.

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