Jason Hensley

Corporate Manager of R&D

FABCON employee for 15 years

If you think there isn’t innovation happening at a pre-cast concrete wall panel company, you’re wrong. Just ask Research and Development Manager, Jason Hensley.

“This place is crazy fast-paced and it’s very innovative,” says Hensley. “We’re always looking for a better way.”

Previously he worked for a software company that didn’t quite keep him busy enough.

“I’m really hands-on and that’s why this job works so well for me,” says Hensley.

We asked Hensley a few questions about his job and what he likes about FABCON. Here’s what he told us:

My daily duties:“I’ve got 3 or 4 projects going on now but it could be as many as a dozen and I help with every aspect. That could involve investigating something or working with vendors or designing something. No two days are ever alike. I also travel for various reasons, which keeps me busy.”Best part of working at FABCON:

“My position allows me to be innovative and it’s ever changing. There are a lot of people with different specialties here and I can learn from all of them. Some have been here for 40 years but I can also learn from those recently hired. I like the variety and ability to gain knowledge from my colleagues.”

What I appreciate most about FABCON:

“They trust people to get their work done and offer a great work/life balance. I get paid to get a job done. It’s not about the amount of time it takes to get it done, it’s about the quality. As long as I’m completing what I need to, I can make time for my family as needed and that breeds loyalty. In fact, people have left and come back to FABCON after realizing how good they had it.”

Why I would encourage others to work at FABCON

“Everything I’ve talked about. Those are things that have become important to me. If I had to work somewhere where it was the status quo with no challenge to innovate, I couldn’t handle it.”

Hensley adds that he appreciates the relationships he has with all of the officers at FABCON. They talk frequently and are always open to hearing from him.

As a father of two, Hensley spends his spare time getting his boys to and from basketball, baseball and football practices and games. When he’s not on the court or ball field, he tries to get the lawn mowed.

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